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Bird Watching in Lion Country

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Bird Watching in Lion Country - FX Trading Explained

There are under the hood critical differences between a forex trading path to success or failure.

When I began mentoring forex traders I realized in most cases we weren't even on the same page regarding key factors of successful trading.

So I set out to write a textbook to be used as the "source code" of my mentoring.

BWILC explains those differences and gives you everything you need to achieve forex trading success over time.

          • Dirk du Toit

New Perspective

Have a look at what readers / students say how BWILC causes a total change in their trading mindset and their approach to forex trading in general.

                        • Maddoc - Nov. 2012

                        • Adam - April 2012

New approach

By "approach" I mean something much more than "trading strategy" or "trading system".

As long as you believe you can time the market regularly, perfectly and only have to use basic "money management" techniques like "don't risk more than 2% of your account on anyone trade" without fail, BWILC will not impress you.

The success of the retail forex broker industry is based on the success they had to plant the belief that using their charting software millions of people will be able to time the market perfectly at any level they choose.

The belief is that the market is absolutely predictable and trading training is to learn to spot and execute perfect entries and exits.

Everything is based on a believe in the ability to perfectly time the forex market from 1 minute to 1 month intervals, whatever suits you.

You can use the tools your broker gives you to predict if the very next move, in your comfortable zone (timeframe), is going to be UP or DOWN. And so can everybody else do exactly the same in whatever "timeframe" suits their every desire.

There is only one problem. It is not true.

The problem of timing the forex market is huge and should not be underestimated.

Undoubtedly if enough people try to time the market every day the whole day, some of them are going to appear to be right! (After all the market shows some patterns, and the behaviour of people all using the same techniques might even cause these patterns and cause a predictable feedback loop.

However for any individual as part of this mass of people it is impossible to determine if his timing successes are pure luck or the emergence of nacsent skills in trading.

BWILC describes in some detail this "timing" problem and how to recognize it and not make it your problem as well!

New Strategy

BWILC goes further and gives you a solution for the perfect timing of entries and exits problem.

This solution is not based on improving the timing of your trades, but improving the rescilience of your trades.

However, when you remove "dominance of timing" from your trading, you need a complete new non-timing dominated strategy.

    At every level of trading things are familiar, but different.

    • The psychology is different.
    • Analysis tools are different.
    • Money management is different.
    • Every aspect has a twist.

    For instance, you still use charts and you still use some technical analysis but not trying to pinpoint the next great trade on a 5 minute chart, but to improve the resilience of your trades and make the most of them considering all the uncertainties and constantly changing market conditions!

It is called the 4x1(+1) ("4-by-one-plus-one") strategy and is key to BWILC's popularity.

New Analysis Tools

You know about technical analysis and fundamental analysis and sentiment analysis, right?

BWILC introduces several new forex market analysis tools:

  • Relational Analysis
  • Real-time Analysis

There are not sharply defined differences between real-time and relational analysis, but put it together with the following two tools

  • A Median grid
  • Price Levels

and you will have a whole new view on trade decision-making and entry and exit of trades, i.e.

  • Why you do certain trades.
  • How you execute them.

Bird Watching in Lion Country - Forex Trading Explained, is the first step in the DayForex Training Program which put you undoubtedly on the path to sustained forex trading.

  • Do you have the luxury to waste time chasing silly techniques on random 2 and 5 minute charts to achieve unrealistic dreams?
    • I hope not!

  • Can you afford to line the pockets of your forex broker by being ignorant about how they dupe you to do that without realizing it ever, until you simply can't afford it anymore?
    • I believe not!

  • Do you have the time to be wrong despite being warned?
    • I am sure you don't

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