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Comprehensive, 'all-in' online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading.

Untiming Forex Trading

Course by DrForex

A practical trading course based on Bird Watching in Lion Country Forex Trading Explained.

Learn Forex Fundamentals

Learn to use forex fundamentals in your trading.

Bird Watching in Lion Country

Forex Trading Explained

Dirk du Toit's original, top selling, globally loved, forex trading ebook.

"Forex Thoughts" Articles

by Dirk du Toit

Thought provoking and informative articles about forex trading.

Forex Thoughts articles by Dirk du Toit

The Forex Market

Forex Trading

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Forex Traders

FX Brokers vs FX Traders

Forex Trader Types

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Forex Analysis

About DayForex Training Services

DayForex Training Services offers a unique forex training programme consisting of three units:

  • The evergreen Bird Watching in Lion Country - Forex Trading Explained eBook.
  • The paradigm shifting SloGroPro Forex Trading Course online training program.
  • The life changing Personal Mentoring Programme
Dirk du Toit, the owner and CEO of DayForex had been an own account trader since 1998.

He had started out trading treasuries on margin on the South African bond exchange.

It was tough. I couldn't go back to my past life before trading, and in the future the beginning of a growing family loomed large.

I just had to make it work. And was lucky enough to learn and earn until the forex trading opportunity opened up.

I started DayForex, intially as a training company, but it did evolve to a regulated forex money manager as well.

Dirk holds a BA (1983) and MA (1988) degree from the Universities of Johannesburg and Pretoria, respectively.

He also holds the internationally recognised International Capital Markets Qualification, offered by the Securities Institute of London.

  • The South African Institute of Financial Markets, offering the authoritative Registered Persons Examination has chosen Dirk’s "Introduction to the Forex Market – A South African Perspective” as the official study guide for the RPE since 2005.
  • Dirk played a leading part in the regulation of forex trading in South Africa as the first chairman of the Forex Investment Association(FIA). The FIA had been instrumental in securing a well-regulated forex trading environment in South Africa.
  • Dirk is an experienced own account trader since 1998 in mainly the bond and forex markets. He has acted as a money manager in the forex market for DayForex Capital Management and others during the last decade.
  • Dirk is a seasoned and expert trainer and mentor of private (self-directed) traders in the forex market from all over the globe.
  • Dirk lives and works with his wife Charlotte (D.Comm Econometrics) and three children in Pretoria, South Africa.


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