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Comprehensive, 'all-in' online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading.

SloGroPro Forex Trading

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A practical trading course based on Bird Watching in Lion Country Forex Trading Explained.

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Bird Watching in Lion Country

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SloGroPro Forex Trading Course

Why a "Slow Grow" Forex Training Course?

Forex Brokers need very large trading volumes by their clients to succeed at their own business.

Thus, forex brokers relentlessly spread the gospel of fast paced and high volume trading.

In addition forex brokers provide the framework for learning "How to Trade Currencies".

This however, is the poison chalice for the forex traders, who are taught forex trading strategies that only serve the interests of the brokers.

I call this the popular forex trading paradigm:.

  • Forex trading is not difficult at all.
  • You only need $25 - $100 to trade.
  • With that meagre deposit & the wonders of "leverage" you can make mega bucks.
  • You don't need any specialist knowledge, especially not anything that takes time to master.
  • All you need is intraday charts and how to identify trade setups on them.
  • You can trade in any timeframe of your choice.
  • You can "manage your risk" with "stop-loss orders".
  • You should "risk no more than 2% of your account on any one trade".

Above all they want you to believe it is quick and easy; leverage is the magic potion; you can learn everything you need to learn risk free on a demo account (that expires in 30 days).

Unfortunately trading like this also is the root cause why
most forex traders fail at what they set out to do.


6 Principles for successful forex trading

  • Successful forex trading is based on solid motivation, must be purpose driven (to succeed at all costs) and you must be prepared to endure difficulties caused by unpredictability and subsequent uncertainty.

  • Successful forex trading is not short term trading in the financial markets masquerading as online gaming, online betting or online gambling. It, however is short-term trading, in different financial markets, on margin with leverage that offers smaller market participants opportunities to make staggering returns if compared to normal investment returns.
  • Use leverage sparingly and prudently. If you want to take intraday bets, use high leverage. If you want to make superior returns on your capital over a sustained period use low leverage.
  • You must understand and accept the principle of randomness in forex price formation and the resultant unpredictability of the immediate changes or not in price direction.
  • To what extent it may be partially possible to anticipate the direction, duration ("how long?") and the extent ("how big / far?") of future price moves it is necessary to understand recent price moves in context of its real drivers.
  • The primary forex analysis tools available to you are Technical Analysis (Price charts), Fundamental Analysis (real drivers) and Sentiment Analysis (market positioning, market psychology). These tools used in combination, called Relational Analysis, are way more than the sum of the parts in the forex market which is dominated by unpredictable price behaviour through all timeframes.

The SloGroPro Forex Trading Course is based on these principles.

                      • Albert - Jan. 2014


The SloGroPro Course Structure & Content

    Course Structure
  • The "textbook" for the course is Bird Watching in Lion Country - Retail Forex Trading Explained.
    The latest edition is included in the course price - you don't have to purchase it separately.

  • The necessary "theory" is described in BWILC and then treated in detail in 25 instruction lessons in the course.
  • Simultaneously you receive relational analysis briefings and access to a community forum for relational analysis discussions.
  • Course Methodology

  • The BWILC textbook is available as a PDF (ebook).
  • Lessons are in the form of text documents with explanations and instruction.
  • Most lessons ask the participant to respond to certain questions and do certain tasks in a provided answer sheet.
  • Model responses or "group wisdom" (a compendium of previous responses) are provided for most of the tasks.
  • Course material is released on an automated basis via email over the course of approximately a month.
  • A weekly briefing, containing relevant relational analysis is placed on the RA discussion forum.
  • Intermittent, applicable RA content is added intra week to stay abreast of short term developments and assist with interpretation and learning in a real-time manner.
  • Once you have completed the "theoretical" part of the course you should feel confident to begin trading on a demo or real account while you continue to receive ongoing relational analysis via the community forum to guide you along the way for the balance of the period of 12 months subscription included in the course.


Course Content

Although this is not personal mentoring I would like to learn a bit more about you and your goals.

  • Personal Introduction
  • Forex Trading Goals
  • BWILC Summary


Orientation - Underlying BWILC Trading Principles

Lesson 1: Easter Egg Hunt vs Ice Cream Parlour 1

    The first of three lessons about the critical differences between the BWILC approach and the forex trading approach made popular by marketing wizards.

Lesson 2: Easter Egg Hunt & Ice Cream Parlour 2

    The second of the “paradigm shift” lessons: We take a closer look at some of the problems the popular paradigm cause traders. I introduce a critical but largely unknown aspect of forex market price behaviour.

Lesson 3: Easter Egg Hunt & Ice Cream Parlour 3

    In this third and last “paradigm shift” lesson we look at the “risk management flaws in the popular trading paradigm. It is absolutely necessary to be very clear about this before you take one step closer to trading.

Lesson 4: Leverage and Margin

    In my experience the availability of leverage is the main attraction of the forex market. Marketing wizards of all shapes and sizes use this to dupe people to believe they can make a ton of money with very little input. There are so many misunderstandings about this, while it is so crucial, that this lesson must be first. Even more important to be very clear about this!

Lesson 5: Forex Brokers

    Demo account or live account, doesn’t matter, but in the not too distant future you will want to operate one of these. Better to sort this out now. You will also have to be able to manage charts for the upcoming lessons.

Lesson 6: Price perspectives

    I use the term “perspective” / “context” many times in BWILC. What I have found lacking with a lot of people is a bigger picture view. In this lesson we are going to get that view.

Lesson 7: Price randomness: How random is random?

    Bird Watchers easily agree that prices are random. But what does that really mean if you want to trade in such an environment? We have to determine if there are important characteristics to this “randomness” and what they are and what that means.


Subject Area: Relational Analysis

Lesson 8: Introducing Relational analysis

    I want to introduce relational analysis and the best place to start is to differentiate it from the popular trading paradigm where “news trading” and a preoccupation with focus on economic data releases dominate.

Lesson: 8.1 Introducing Relational Analysis Briefings

    Some explanations of the Weekly Briefings content and structure as well as a link to subscribe to the Weekly Briefings distribution list.


Subject Area: Trading Edges

Lesson 9: Four x One Strategy 1 – One Currency

    “One Currency” explored.

Lesson 10: Four x One Strategy 2 – One Direction

    “One Direction” investigated.

Lesson 11: Four x One Strategy 3 – One Lot

    “One Lot” explained.

Lesson 12: Four x One Strategy 4 – One Percent

    “One percent” clarified.

Lesson 13: The “Fifth ‘One’” - Diversification

    This is the grease to make the 4x1 strategy elements work smoothly. Multiple Entries. Cost Averaging. Price Levels.

Lesson 14: Putting the 4x1 Strategy Edges together

    This is not a full trading plan, but a very important first step to begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It only works if it is complete. This is taking it 80% of the way.


Subject Area: Median Trading as risk management

Lesson 15: Median Grid Basics 1

    This is the fine print of “perspective” as a critical aspect of trading.

Lesson 16: Currency correlations

    Considering the importance of currency correlations. We revisit Lesson 2 with a much more practical approach to the current situation.

Lesson 17: Median Grid Basics further explained

    Looking at the median grid in “macro perspective”.

Lesson 18: Hedging

    Two types of hedging explored before we consider practicalities of trading “inside” the median grid.

Lesson 19: The Median Grid as Risk Management Tool 1

    Looking at the median grid in “micro perspective”.

Lesson 20: The Median Grid as Risk Management Tool 2

    More “micro perspective”.


Subject Area - Getting Very Practical

Lesson 21: Relational Analysis Framework

    Guidance on how to take your first and most critical steps in relational analysis.

Lesson 22: Relational Analysis Bias Grid

    In this practical lesson you learn how to formulate your own ideas about the current market situation from a relational analysis perspective.

Lesson 23: Median Grid Trading Tactics

    This is where the butter is made. Final guidelines to start trading.

Lesson 24: Keep track and making sense of your trading

    Your own custom made record-keeping is very important in sustainable trading.

Lesson 25: Your Own SloGroPro Trading Blueprint

    Detailed description of how you are going to achieve sustainable trading.



Once you get to the practical trading stage you might find things a bit tricky and be in need of more hands-on guidance.

For this purpose I offer personal attention in a "personalization" module.

It is very structured around specific goals, your reporting of progress, my evaluation and feedback. There can also be ad hoc discussions / sessions. Communication mainly via email, Skype instant messenger and to a limited extent voice.

It is very much like a short period of personal mentoring, starting when you have completed the theoretical part of the course.

What is the cost of the personalization module?

Personalization involves my personal time. Signup fee for personalization is $300. This consists of an assessment of your status quo and mentoring for two months. Thereafter the fee is $150 per month or $300 per three months for as long as you want to continue.

Upgrade to Class of 2017

You can at anytime upgrade to Class of 2017, the personal mentoring program. If you upgrade within 6 months the full SGP fee you have paid will be discounted from the Mentor Program enrolment fee.

For more information about Class of 2017 Personal mentoring, click here.


More about relational analysis in the SloGroPro Course

Technical analys theory, relentlessly promoted by forex brokers and their hoardes of marketing wizards chasing high volume trading accounts alleges traders don't have to concern themselves with fundamental drivers behind prices.

They say all the information is in the last price, but you don't need the information just the path of prices up to the current time.

The above sounds wonderful, especially if your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is real-time forex charts.

There is just one problem. It is rubbish.

                      • Goncalo Moreira CMT- Feb. 2013

BWILC introduces the concept of relational analysis as the best method to analyse the forex market for the purposes of short-term forex trading.

Relational analysis is about the detail in the prices.

In RA you link fundamental drivers and market sentiment and prices to make trading decisions.

RA is about relating price <--> event <--> time. RA Looks like this on a chart:

In this course there are some lessons introducing the important aspects of relational analysis.

BUT the teaching of and learning of relational analysis can only be done over time and with practical day to day experience as the market continuously develops.

Therefor the course includes a 12 month subscription to my relational analysis briefings and discussion forums.

  • The relational analysis briefings are first of all for a closed audience: persons who share the BWILC/SloGroPro approach to forex trading.
  • Relational analysis doesn't stand loose from other elements of the BWILC/SloGroPro approach, the application of the 4x1 strategy, the use of median grids, even the whole mental conditioning.
  • In addition to the fact that my relational analysis service incorporates all of this it has an educational and training component.
    I absolutely want you to be able to do this yourself. But it takes time.


SLOGROPRO: Some practical questions answered

    Do I get BWILC if I buy the course?


    I have BWILC 2004, do I have to pay the full price for the SloGroPro Course?


    Can I start at any time and is there a time limit to complete the course?

    Yes, you can start at any time. No, there is no time limit to complete the course work. The only limitation is the subscription of 12 months to the briefings and forum.

    Must I have a live trading account to start the course?


    Must I have a demo trading account to start the course?

    Yes that would help a lot, afterall it is about forex trading, not just theory.

    Must I use a specific forex broker if I take the course?

    No, you can use any broker of your choice. (If you are in the US or Canada where regulation bizarrely intrude on how you execute your personal trading strategy there is one preferable forex broker above all others because of a seamless "work around" allowing you to bypass the negative impact of the intrusive regulation. We recommend this broker for affected traders.

    Do you recommend brokers?

    Indirectly I do, if asked, based on aspects like regulation, your proposed live account size and my experience with specific brokers over many years.

    Do the weekly briefings start at the same time as the course?

    You will receive a subscription link at the appropriate time during the one month course delivery period. The subcription will be valid for twelve months. You can decide when you want to start the subscription. My advice is that you start soon after you got it.

    How does the feedback work?

    A few days are allowed to complete a task, then the model answers or "group wisdom" feedback is emailed to you.

    Can I get personal feedback?

    Yes, but you will have to purchase a "personalization module".

    What does the personalization module practically entail?

    It is very structured around specific goals, your reporting of progress, my evaluation and feedback. There can also be ad hoc discussions / sessions. Communication mainly via email, Skype instant messenger and to a limited extent voice.

    It is very much like a short period of personal mentoring, starting when you have completed the theoretical part of the course.

    You can focus the personalization either on relational analysis personalization or median grid trading tactics personalization (but not both simultaneously).

    What is the cost of a personalization module?

    Personalization involves my personal time. Signup fee for personalization is $300. This consists of an assessment of your status quo and mentoring for two months. Thereafter the fee is $150 per month or $300 per three months for as long as you want to continue.

    Do you offer a payment plan?

    Yes, you can purchase the Course lesson content for $100 and then subscribe to relational analysis briefings and forums for $35 per month.

    Why do you say the personal mentoring "Class of 2017" is preferable?

    It is real-time personalization right from the start and it continues for a much longer time. In the trading environment, where uncertainty dominates, the value of "real-time" communication is priceless.

    Can I later upgrade to the personal mentoring "Class" and what will the cost be?

    Yes. There will be an approriate discount for previous personal mentoring periods completed or special offer discounts. Look out for them in the SloGroPro Course material.

For any other questions, or to contact us please email dayforex (@) gmail dot com.

SloGroPro FOREX TRADING COURSE & One year Briefings included


After payment you will be able to subcribe to the distribution list to receive your SloGroPro course material.


Thank you!

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