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Personal Mentoring Program

Comprehensive, 'all-in' online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading.

Untiming Forex Trading

Course by DrForex

A practical trading course based on Bird Watching in Lion Country Forex Trading Explained.

Learn Forex Fundamentals

Learn to use forex fundamentals in your trading.

Bird Watching in Lion Country

Forex Trading Explained

Dirk du Toit's original, top selling, globally loved, forex trading ebook.

"Forex Thoughts" Articles

by Dirk du Toit

Thought provoking and informative articles about forex trading.

Forex Thoughts articles by Dirk du Toit

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Forex Trading

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Forex Traders

FX Brokers vs FX Traders

Forex Trader Types

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Forex Analysis

Individual Mentoring Modules

What is Individual Mentoring Modules?

The Untiming Forex Course includes the training material and relational analysis briefings for a six month period.

The course progresses from strategic theoretical considerations to more and more practical trading, culminating in a comprehensive lesson called Median Grid Trading Tactics.

As I say in the trading material This is where the butter is made!

A major difference between mostly technical analysis based trading systems and the BWILC based 4x1 trading approach is that with the former the trader responds to "signals" from the trading system.

In the 4x1 strategy, median grid trading methodology, the trader makes his own trading decisions. We don't wait for signals, to "take the trade" "offered" by the system / market. We decide when, where (which price level) and how (much) we are going to trade. We don't "take trades" from the market. We "give trades" to the market.

This is a completely different approach from the "exact entries and exits" systems and it needs some getting used to. You simply don't have the (mostly false, but that is best left for another day) certainty and comfort of a "signal" that is supposed to be "high probability".

The fact of matter is trading, stripped from any false certainties, is really challenging. Especially in the beginning.

Furthermore, because of the wrong ideas about the value of leverage and what is actually high and too high leverage most traders are used to doing only one trade at a time. It is an all or nothing approach.

Not so in the 4x1 strategy. The 4x1 strategy is based on low and even lower leverage to allow under all circumstances the ability to make more trades in order to minimize the impact of timing in trading decison making and maximize the influence of "time in the trade".

This is also a huge difference and to "design" a practical decision-making process, execute it and live with the consequences as a new BWILC trader is much harder than what it might sometimes sound in theory.

The Personal Mentoring Modules are available to help in this scenario: To assist traders who are for whatever reason not on the personal mentoring program to put things together in practice at the time that it matters most.

How does the Personal Mentoring Modules work?

  • You must complete your Untiming Forex Course material up to and including Median Grid Trading Tactics

  • You must have an active demo or live trading account.

  • Sign up for the module and pay the fee.

  • First of all I will evaluate your course materials to determine if there is anything theoretical that needs to be brushed up, corrected or improved.

  • We will agree on specific goals, the process and the outcomes we want to achieve over the period of personal mentoring (3 month blocks).

  • We will do a session on relational analysis in order to make sure you understand the current drivers in the market and can justify your biases.

  • Then we are going to revisit Median Grid Trading Tactics and depending on your previous trading experience make some decisions about how you should go about things.

  • We will introduce a personal progress reporting system where you will report weekly on your progress, ask your questions and get my responses and evaluations.

  • The progress reporting will include trade reporting and evaluation.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I do the Personal Mentoring Module without first having to do the Untiming Course, i.e. Bird Watching in Lion Country only?

    No, the personal mentoring builds on knowledge and experience you have gained from the Untiming Course work.

Do I have to subscribe for the Weekly Briefings to do an Individual Mentoring Module?

    No, it is included in the price for the period of the Individual Mentoring Module (3 months).

How long period is the Individual Mentoring Module

    It is is for a period of three months

Get your Mentoring Module now for only US$300.00

(Included Weekly briefings and Relational Analysis Forums for the three months)


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