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Personal Mentoring Program

Comprehensive, 'all-in' online mentoring for persons serious about forex trading.

Untiming Forex Trading

Course by DrForex

A practical trading course based on Bird Watching in Lion Country Forex Trading Explained.

Learn Forex Fundamentals

Learn to use forex fundamentals in your trading.

Bird Watching in Lion Country

Forex Trading Explained

Dirk du Toit's original, top selling, globally loved, forex trading ebook.

"Forex Thoughts" Articles

by Dirk du Toit

Thought provoking and informative articles about forex trading.

Forex Thoughts articles by Dirk du Toit

The Forex Market

Forex Trading

Forex Brokers

Forex Traders

FX Brokers vs FX Traders

Forex Trader Types

Forex Trading Styles

Forex Analysis

Training & Trading Tools for Forex Traders

Getting started: Prepare for Trading Series (Free)

At DayForex Training Services we take our lead from the great explorers such as Sir Ernest Shackleton who kept a cool head, calculated the odds and took the necessary risks that led his men to safety with his philosophy,

"Prepare, prepare, prepare; plan, plan, plan."

Hi Dirk, This PDF today - it's brilliant! You're a magician with words! Seriously this is the kind of truth that most people never see. - Rob Booker

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New Perspective: Bird Watching in Lion Country - Forex Trading Explained

BWILC has shown me the bigger picture and how limited and narrow my view of trading was.

How little I actually learnt about trading while trying to identify the ‘great’ trades using the much touted indicators and entry signals.

Most importantly it has given me the confidence that I can make my forex trading business a success according to my own goals. - Adam

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Solving the Puzzle: Untiming Forex Trading Course

Forex Brokers need very large trading volumes by their clients to succeed at their own business and thus relentlessly spread the gospel of perfectly timed, fast paced and high volume trading.

This however, is the poison chalice for forex traders, who are taught forex trading strategies that only serve the interests of the brokers.

Median grid trading has finally brought a sensible framework to my trading that gives me the ability to "own my brain" with my entries and exits. - TradingforLife (Nom de Plume)

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Going all in: Personal Mentoring Programme

With the loss I lost the confidence and decided to take a complete break from trading and told myself that perhaps I would restart after the summer is over. Given the recent activity with stock market crashes around the world maybe it’s a good idea to sit on the sidelines for a bit longer…

In the meantime, I went ahead and took out some of the profits from the last 3 years and used it to pay off the house so that at least I can be debt free. In any event, I do thank you for looking out. We are all good here. - Mickey, US East Coast

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More DayForex Tools to Ensure your Road to Success

Forex Thoughts Articles by Dirk du Toit (FREE)

Forex trading is so much more than finding exact entries & exits on intraday charts.

Dirk du Toit focuses on topics that will enhance your understanding of forex and trading the financial markets in general.

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Relational Analysis Weekly Briefings (BWILC + Subscription)

In relational / real-time analysis we consider the detail of the information in the "last price".

Relational analysis is about the relationship between new incoming information (events), and how it impact on currency prices and price changes through time.

With a proper relational analysis understanding of price action analysis becomes much more predictive than historical price based charts and technical analysis on its own.

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Three Months Personal Mentoring Modules
(Untiming Forex Trading Course extension)

For traders who trade the 4x1 (+1), median trading strategy but need some guidance in practice to put everything together in practice. <

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